Quantum Gas Microscope

In our lab, we are building a quantum gas microscope for ultracold molecules. This is an attempt to bring together our established work on the creation and coherent control of dipolar molecules, with the exquisite spatial resolution and control afforded by recent developments in high-resolution imaging of ultracold atoms in optical lattice

Quantum Simulation with Ultracold Molecules

Our experiment is designed to study large arrays of molecules in periodic potentials, which have been proposed as a highly versatile platform for studying quantum matter. Thanks to the long-range dipole-dipole interactions between heteronuclear molecules and coherent control over rotational states, many different aspects of quantum many-body physics can be studied. Condensed matter theorists propose using molecules in experiments like ours to study topological superfluidity, Chern insulating phases and many-body localisation phenomena, for a review see e.g. Bohn, J. L., et.al Science 357.6355 (2017). Our experiment aims to advance the techniques used to make and manipulate molecules and work towards the study of novel quantum phenomena in a regime beyond the reach of classical computation.


In our experiment we plan to form ultracold molecules of 87Rb133Cs molecules from ultracold mixtures of the two species. Atoms are cooled to ultracold temperatures in the main chamber using Degenerate Raman Sideband Cooling (1), and then loaded into an optical lattice which we can move to transfer them to a cell where we have a microscope.

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Lab publications


[4] Modulation Transfer Spectroscopy of the D1 Transition of Potassium: Theory and Experiment
Andrew D. Innes, Prosenjit Majumder, Heung-Ryoul Noh, and Simon L. Cornish
arXiv:2310.11327 (2023)

[3] Long distance optical conveyor-belt transport of ultracold 133Cs and 87Rb atoms
Alex J. Matthies, Jonathan M. Mortlock, Lewis A. McArd, Adarsh P. Raghuram, Andrew D. Innes, Philip D. Gregory, Sarah L. Bromley, and Simon L. Cornish
arXiv:2307.13382 (2023)

[2] A motorized rotation mount for the switching of an optical beam path in under 20 ms using polarization control
Adarsh P. Raghuram, Jonathan M. Mortlock, Sarah L. Bromley, and Simon L. Cornish
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 94, 063201 (2023)

[1] Measurement of the tune-out wavelength for 133Cs at 880 nm
Apichayaporn Ratkata, Philip D. Gregory, Andrew D. Innes, Alex J. Matthies, Lewis A. McArd, Jonathan M. Mortlock, M. S. Safronova, Sarah L. Bromley, and Simon L. Cornish
Phys. Rev. A 104, 052813 (2021)


PhD theses

Jonathan Mortlock: Towards Quantum Gas Microscopy of Ultracold Molecules (2024)

Andrew Innes: Towards a novel platform for imaging molecules in an optical lattice (2023)

Alex Matthies: Optical Conveyor-Belt Transport of Cs and Rb Atoms (2023)